Bellephotography was established in January 2007. It all began after the loss of Belindas father. She was trying to find the light at the of the tunnel. Away from all the darkness of grieving. She had always been curious of photography. Always analysing others photographs and begging her father to use the old family camera. So one day she picked up her fathers camera, put on some headphones and went snapping away. It first started with botanic photography, the art of photographing flowers. Her father was always so passionate with his garden so Belinda wanted to recreate her fathers love of flowers throughout her imagery. Next came Landscapes and then finally into Portraiture. From 2009 to this current day Belinda has been photographing portraitures and in-particular Fitness Photographs. “There is something so beautiful about capturing someones hard work they put in and outside the gym.” Belinda said. Athletes coming into a competition spend up to 20 weeks focusing on a strict meal plan, weight sessions and hours upon hours of cardiovascular activity all in the lead up to one minute on stage. Bellephotography likes to reward the athlete by instead of just one minute of glory, capturing their hard work for a life time.

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